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What Is Master Hypnosis Now All About?

I started this whole thing in order to create powerful hypnotists... Watch this video to learn more about what I aim to impart to my viewers.

About Master Hypnosis Now
Mastering Hypnosis Now exists for one reason: to create the world’s best hypnotists and unconscious persuaders. But how I do this is novel. I don’t certify people or help n00bs learn the Elman induction. I help you gain the skills you need to really succeed at hypnosis. I create and recommend training that fills in gaps and make complicated topics manageable. I help you master the chunks of hypnosis that you thought were difficult or didn’t really understand. After working with me, you should laugh at what you used to think was impossible by taking just one step at a time on a new journey of growth. Studying with me has only one purpose: getting better at hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and unconscious influence.

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A week doesn’t go by that someone doesn’t ask me with a serious look on their face if embedded commands work or if they are real. Short answer: yes, embedded commands work. Conversational hypnosis is a powerful tool in any persuader, therapist, or hypnotist’s toolbox and embedded commands are a large part of that. How … Read moreDo Embedded Commands Work?

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One of the things that skeptics and new hypnotists struggle with is the question, “How do embedded commands affect the mind?” This is one of those questions that opens up so many possibilities, but really there are just a few explanations that really make sense. In the following video, I explore these possibilities and discuss … Read moreHow Do Embedded Commands Affect The Mind? Using Conversational Hypnosis

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