About Master Hypnosis Now

Mastering Hypnosis Now exists for one reason: to create the world’s best hypnotists and unconscious persuaders.

But how I do this is novel. I don’t certify people or help n00bs learn the Elman induction. I help you gain the skills you need to really succeed.

Learning is a holistic process. Learn, practice, study again… HONE.

I create and recommend training that fills in gaps and make complicated topics manageable. I help you master the chunks of hypnosis that you thought were difficult or didn’t really understand. After working with me, you should laugh at what you used to think was impossible by taking just one step at a time on a new journey of growth.

Studying with me has only one purpose: getting better at hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and unconscious influence.

While I may cover some topics others have covered, I strive to create and recommend programs that build bridges in your mind, life, and most importantly, into the lives of those you wish to treat, heal, counsel, coach, offer therapy to, sell products to, or influence.

Therefore, let’s be honest, I’m facilitating your further development and natural unfolding. (If you’re reading this, I hope you’ve at least learned from my free content!) Helping you to become greater at your goals is my one and only goal.

So, the real question is where are you going and why will mastering unconscious influence help you get there? If you know that or just have a burning desire to master hypnosis now, then you have found the right place.

About Joshua

That time I got certified in NLP (2018). La Valle nicely allowed me to take this pic with him.

Like most, I came to hypnosis out of a massive need in my life. I had a rocky, dysfunctional childhood with drugs, poverty, homelessness, stress, abuse, etc. And though I had a rough beginning into adulthood, I thought I’d dealt with much of this while in college, particularly through the philosophies I studied like stoicism, existentialism, phenomenology, etc.

But then in 2011, I had a series of setbacks including graduating college unable to actualize what I thought was my calling, massive in debt, my best friend/girlfriend breaking up with me to date women, not being able to afford to live alone, ending a search for my biological father by discovering he was dead, starting a difficult business… I was convinced Internet marketing was simple for someone of my intelligence—a major failure in my life. And all of this and more stacked were simply too much for me. I had a danger zone score from most stress level tests.

I suffered through this for a few months as I slowly lost my mind…

The stress became overwhelming and the things I did to fix it just made it worse: my rebound tried to pressure me into an emotionally abusive relationship; throwing myself into work burned me out, causing me to have to work harder to get things done; studying Law of Attraction convinced me that my deep passions for macabre things (metal, horror films, the macabre, serial killers, etc.) was detrimental to me and needed to be abandoned—something I deeply regret to this day…

I was stressed and nothing in the world was helping. Eventually, I was forced to take a job to support myself and business, leading to more burnout. I got into more emotionally flawed relationships. Talking to people and ruminating weren’t helping me so I didn’t want to do therapy.

I was watching a lot of Internet marketing training. The Internet marketer Jason Fladlien introduced me to NLP. At first, I thought it was really stupid frankly. But I was in such a terrible place in my life that I was willing to try anything.

I’ve been obsessed with hypnosis and NLP since then.

Not only did the “stupid” exercises help me, I began to notice myself growing as a person. Slowly more able to take on stress. Slowly more open. Slowly becoming better and better at what it is that I set my mind to. Slowly becoming more intriguing to others. More able to get what I want without overt manipulation… All from playing mind games with myself, thinking about language, and being really entertained by Bandler’s grandiose stories.

Richard Bandler is one of my favorite people alive for obvious reasons. His wife Glenda seems very nice as well. (2018)

NLP offered me hope for a better tomorrow during a bleak time in my life. So, I began looking into everything I could get my hands on and learning from pretty much everyone.

After obsessively studying hypnosis and meeting many budding hypnotists, I’ve seen, heard, and felt what’s hard to grasp. I also know what’s missing from many popular training programs because I had to learn that information elsewhere or figure it out for myself. And after practicing professionally, I know a lot of the hangups and places clients have trouble too.

I love hypnosis because it’s changed my life so drastically. And I believe trance work can do the same for anyone that really takes the time to explore it, which is why I practice and teach it.

I look forward to teaching you the skills you need to deepen your skills and learning more about what holds you back from mastering this wonderful craft at the moment. And if you want, we can overcome it together or develop a plan for you to do it on your own. (Or maybe you’ll just find my information, recommendations, and training are enough for you to develop.)