Hypnotic Language Patterns — The How vs. The Why of Embedded Commands

With hypnotic language and embedded commands, many people believe the power is in the words themselves. And while they hold some of the power, it’s really more about HOW you use these specific words. And more importantly, how those words affect the minds of listeners.

Really, this is the key skill of being a powerful hypnotist or communicator in general.

BUT for some reason, many hypnotists are scriptnotists who use canned patterns and scripts. Yet, this approach has many flaws. The two most salient being it’s often hard to get people into the right mental positions to use language patterns on them and if you don’t know how the pattern works, you cannot alter it in any way.

And of course, the obvious: if you don’t know how the pattern works, you’re treating the pattern like most people would treat a magical spell. And this is problematic as it’s not the words, but their skillful usage that moves minds. And sometimes, you can get lucky with the pattern, but other times, it’ll fall flat.

And obvious #2, if you don’t know how to properly embed commands, then how are you even sure the magic pattern is working? You can’t!

So, in this video, I explore more about what this means and how you can begin to understand what the words are doing and how to really begin to master these skills.

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