Thank You Page: Mastering Embedded Commands

Thank You Page: Mastering Embedded Commands

Are you sick of trying to use NLP or conversational hypnosis and seeing little or no results?

Whether you’ve watched 900+ hours of training or have 1,000s of certifications, even a child can tell you that the only mark of skill for a hypnotist is their ability. No one cares about our theorizing, pontificating, or pseudo-diagnosis.

They really don’t.

All most people are interested in is can you do hypnosis with me right now? (And their interest in that is often fleeting and momentary…)

Yet, even though a mastery of embedded commands could make any hypnotist’s life easier, so many budding (and even seasoned) hypnotists have problems with embedded commands.

Part of this is due to the way hypnosis is sometimes thought of as directive mind control and gimmicks like “5 Easy Ways To Control Your Date… For Life!”…

Part of this is due to training by a minority of hypnotists who teach hypnosis with the aim of “mind control” to the naïve who then approach it incorrectly… (re: above)

Part of this is due to individual differences in hypnotists, their training, natural ability, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, you can get amazing results—even what could be called mind control—but it’s not by memorizing a pattern for every situation or knowing some magic (or magick) trick, it’s by learning how to gain control over smaller chunks until you understand how to do bigger things… i.e. learning and mastering.

But let’s face facts: on top of false expectations, bad advice, and existential differences, hypnosis is a rather difficult skill to master—especially conversational.

It requires many skills to make this work…

As conversational hypnotists, we are expected to read people; understand where they’re coming from; match ourselves to them; speak clearly; build rapport; listen for Meta Model violations and also for trance words, repeated ideas and themes, etc., before even doing anything hypnotic.

Not only that, but each skill necessary to make hypnosis work conversationally (or at all) has its own nuances, limits, and uses, which have to be learned via study and then practiced. And until you can make a few of them work, little to nothing happens.

How are you even supposed to practice something like that let alone master it…??

IMNSHO, embedded commands are the key to making the rest of the skill set work because it is the central skillset. Once you get it, you can add skills on top; however, until you get it, few of your skills will work…

So how do you master embedded commands?

Is there a system or “hack” that will speed up your learning curve so you quickly, easily, and effectively master embedded commands?

There is:

Mastering Embedded Commands

When I began with hypnosis and NLP, I stumbled all over myself and people could definitely tell there was something weird about my communication. In short, I bombed it. Sure, sometimes it worked, but I almost cringed as I said commands…

I was the verbal equivalent of a kid driving a stick shift for the first time.

I got caught using embedded commands. Some people thought it was funny. Some got mad at me. And sometimes they thought they just misheard me.

And I was the guiltiest of the offenders when it came to long strings of asinine hypnotic patter. I’d spout nonsense to my roommates like, “If you were to find yourself doing the dishes now wouldn’t that feel better and better now as you’re doing it are you not feeling good now as you think of it it sounds like a good idea, does it not?”

Sure, therapeutically or with good rapport, we may be able to get away with this, but this is far from conversational hypnosis. Or covert… at least if we’re honest.

Yet, all those years ago, I could see and feel the differences conversational hypnosis made on me. I could feel the changes hypnotists like Bandler were making in my mind as I studied them. I could experience it. Yet, I couldn’t reliably make it happen.

I could see that it is possible, but I just couldn’t do it. Yet… For some reason.

And unfortunately, I don’t have a sexy story about how I learned this material: I was just hard headed enough to keep practicing no matter what. (FYI: it was at least ten montages worth, maybe 15. I’m like Rocky 18. :-p)

And that’s what I did…

I studied…

Started with the big names on video and audio. I watched everything I could get my hands on.

I found old Bandler, Erickson, and Elman videos (I worked at an academic library for a few of those early years…).

I read a ton of books (surprisingly helpful).

I got the card decks.

And I practiced a lot, mostly alone at first, often with cards. I hypnotized my roommate’s dog (and maybe taught her to lay down, but that’s a contentious point with my old roommate). I hypnotized imaginary people, people on videos that silently looked back, pictures, my cat, (a select few of) my friends, my dates, people I met…

And I practiced on people that weren’t aware when I could—just seeing if I could convince people to do innocuous things and how much of what I’d need to do hypnotically to get those results. For instance, I found it amusing to use just analogue marking and simple commands to get all of a Taco Bell’s employees, including the manager, to make a substitution to a meal deal—especially after the manager told an employee and me that they would not be able to do that for me again.

Years, thousands of hours of practice, even more hours of study, and my fair share of clients later, I’m what I’d consider a pretty good professional hypnotist. I’m modest it’s true, but as I said at the beginning: even a child can tell you that what makes a good hypnotist good is their ability to get results reliably. (And I do.)

Fortunately for you, I learned a ton of secrets along the way that (eventually) shortcut my journey to becoming incredibly effective with embedded commands. And if I had it all to do over again, I’d want to learn these things first.

I’m shortcutting what could be a towering learning curve to master embedded commands into a few short hours…

Together, we will focus on

  • analogue marking (the big sticking point for most people—you’ll love my analogue marking intensive drills)
  • a few styles of embedded commands (e.g. finally: master negativity to get what you want)
  • power words and phrases and why the words affect the mind as they do (this will have you flowing with natural sounding hypnotic language in no time—not memorizing long patterns that don’t sound anything like you)

In fact, I cover a working system for conversational hypnosis in this program.

If this was all you had, you could make it work—even professionally; however, I’m betting that you already have much more training and knowledge than that, but it’s just hard to get it to work reliably. And in that case, you can feel comfortable knowing that every lesson here will deepen your knowledge about embedded commands—and my added drills section will help you to also deepen your skill set.

Here’s what’s covered…

  • These two things—XXXX XXXXXX and XXXXX XXXXX—allow me to make embedded commands seem like natural language
  • An eleven letter word that will allow you to get more success with embedded commands than 90% of the people who ever study hypnosis
  • How Erickson developed and what he really meant when he called his form of hypnosis “The Interspersal Method”
  • How to develop the habit of making suggestions part of a natural sounding sentence (no, it’s not rote memorization of 100s of patterns)
  • The simplicity of analogue marking (it’s easier than you think)
  • 5 simple ways to analogue mark. (You’ve always had the ability to analogue mark, but just don’t know it yet…)
  • Why the pacing of my voice allows me to embed commands subtlety. (Hint: pacing allows us to control pauses…)
  • How a simple tonality trick you already know if you have a dog can help you to mark out commands with power. (You’ll laugh as you effortlessly learn what takes those other poor bastards years to master!)
  • How you can use your gestures to analogue mark. (No, it’s not anchoring.)
  • Speaking suggestions either xxxxxx or xxxxxx facilitated some of my first real successes with analogue marking… I wonder how much they’ll help you
  • Why most people who emphasize commands to mark them out fail. (In most cases, a certain finesse is required to speak to just the unconscious…)
  • When to use negative statements for intensely powerful commands (no, it’s not just when you’re out of options or want to back away…)
  • A trick with negation I stole from Milton Erickson to perfectly time negative commands to get exactly what you want without seeming like you even really want it that he rarely if ever discusses, but uses constantly…
  • How to encourage the mind to think of a thing, then stepping back from it or negating it using a technique you probably learned from Grandma or from manipulating your parents as a child
  • The major problem people have using negation—you’ll be shock to learn how simple it’s been all along (the elusive obvious!)
  • Four power words that will allow you to almost instantaneously master negative commands in one sitting… (Imagine learning what has taken some years to master that rapidly…
  • Why the name “embedded question” is misleading. (Knowing the real point of embedded questions is the key to using them effectively.)
  • The one change in thought that will allow you to use “embedded questions” more effectively immediately after hearing it…
  • One sneaky trick using the abstract thinking function in order to encourage subjects to tell you more information
  • 3 Power phrases to supercharge your embedded questions
  • Why a sensible approach to conversational hypnosis will get you more results than “going for the jugular” or risking coming across as weird
  • A simple way to take advantage of natural moments of trance
  • How to gain enough awareness over why and how the language patterns work to create your own patterns and hypnotic patter off the cuff!
  • Just how important subtlety is to hypnosis success
  • 6 power words to simplify your hypnosis and how each of them is used both in hypnosis and in everyday language. (You’re already a master of these words, but don’t know it…)
  • A five-letter word that will effortlessly encourage subjects to contemplate things. (You’ll chuckle when you see how simple this is…)
  • Why my long and oddly formed suggestions seem more natural than traditional short suggestions (and work just as well, if not better)
  • Why the cliché way to practice conversational hypnosis by memorizing 100s of patterns is one of the dumbest ways to learn to learn conversational hypnosis. (If you don’t get why the patterns do what they do you will likely still have limited results even after all that practice…)
  • How to use embedded commands to plant seeds of ideas in people’s heads
  • A simple process allowing you to use someone’s natural processes to make them think your suggestions are their idea…
  • How to encourage someone to imagine doing something
  • How to instantly create a transderivational search in your subject
  • How to effortlessly elicit memories
  • How to make a client feel like something is and must happen right now
  • How to use another powerful negation pattern to encourage people to feel they need to do something you’re telling them not to worry about – THE GRANDMA TECHNIQUE (GUILT FREE GUILT TRIP)
  • How to easily link two commands together with a few simple words
  • How to easily link a pacing statement to a command
  • How a simple negation technique can encourage your subject to give you far more details than they normal would (or maybe should)
  • How to use your own (seeming) confusion or lack of understanding to encourage someone to give you more information
  • How to use a specific (and everyday!) temporal modal operator of necessity to make people feel like they must do something sooner rather than later…
  • The difference between language patterns and the Milton Model and what Erickson himself believed he was doing. (People get fixated on the words, but it’s the why he used that language that matters. After all, there are other ways to get the same effect as each of his language patterns…)
  • How to reverse engineer the helpful nature of most people to get the information you need
  • How to use a simple pattern to control the amount of something else… (The xxxx the _____, the xxxx ________)
  • How a modal operator of possibility can be used to used to make someone feel like they ought to do something now
  • How to use pseudologic to lead someone to a new way of thinking
  • A powerful negation pattern that encourages someone to think if they’re able to do something
  • How to encourage people to try to do something you want them to do faster…
  • How to use a modal operator of necessity (of time) to get them to do something sooner rather than later
  • …and soooo much more.

All backed by my no questions asked, 30-day money back guarantee! 

I really wish I had a step-by-step guide like this to follow when I began.

I mean it…

Time is your most valuable resource: SAVE it

Have you ever heard the expression: “Pioneers get arrows in the back?”

The same applies here!

I’ve already done the research, made all the mistakes, figured out what works (and what rarely or pretty much never does).

If you read this far, you probably read some mistakes that caused me to get arrows in the back… but I only scratched the surface. (You wouldn’t believe some of the nonsense I’ve gotten myself into exploring hypnosis… or the amazing growth those opportunities afforded…)

And I do hypnosis professionally!!

That’s why I’m so careful to document WHAT WORKS into simple, easy-to-follow lessons and drills so that everyone who studies with me can duplicate these results after just a little practice. And I don’t care if you’re a total novice or you have years of experience, if you wish to increase your skills with embedded commands, this program is for you.

A program like this could easily be sold $197, depending upon the market (think about how much you’ve spent trying to learn this material already… how much you’ve spent to learn less…); however, I really want to give any hypnotist willing to put in the work a leg up (I believe in fair advantages).

So, I’m going to offer you the Mastering Embedded Commands program for just $37.

Yep… just $37.

You may wonder why I’m selling this so cheaply…

To be completely frank, I want you to wonder if I’m willing to give you this much value for just $37, what else do I have to teach you? What would I teach in $47, $97, or $497 product? As a coach?

Because I want you to be a customer of mine for years to come, I’m willing to offer you a high level of value with no risk.

Remember, this program is back with my 30-day, no questions asked guarantee. If you’re unhappy with anything or don’t feel like I delivered on every single promise in this letter, I demand you request a refund for every single cent you spent. But I’m so confident you’ll love this program, I’m willing to take all the risk.

And as a bonus, I’m throwing in a free 45 minute ask me anything or even coaching session if you need help. (A $250 value.) Just email me with a receipt to set this up.

In other words, you can literally see another probably disappointing Hollywood film with a friend (in IMAX if you’re lucky) or you can:

  • Become a far better hypnotist by FINALLY getting analogue marking to cause your subjects to act on your commands
  • Avoid potentially embarrassing mistakes by using other people’s language patterns or winging it
  • Save a ton of time (and money) by learning how to correctly embed commands and how to build powerful embedded commands in the moment
  • Avoid potentially-embarrassing “rookie” mistakes (including two big ones that make you look like a dweeb or a creep)
  • Finally master a major chunk of NLP and conversational hypnosis
  • Be a serious hypnotist: get real results with hypnosis
  • Have your questions about hypnosis answered personally in a 45-minute session with a master hypnotist

The choice is yours…

Click the “Get Started Now” button and start using learning to use embedded commands more masterfully in about 5 minutes…

P.S. In case you missed it or just skimmed to the bottom of this page, the offer is:

  1.  My embedded command mastery class: learn analogue marking and a highly effective, functional series of simple language patterns so that you’re not only a master of the skill of marking commands, but of setting them up naturally
  2. My analogue marking intensive drills to help you master the skill 
  3. Hundreds of examples of embedded commands
  4. A 45 minute coaching session with me – you can use it to ask me anything, to work on specific sticking points, to get a critique, (whatever you’d like as long as it’s relevant to hypnosis)

For all of just $37 (and backed by my 30-day, no questions asked guarantee) all of that can be yours. Take all the time you need as you read this sentence to realize what a great deal that is and grab your copy today!

See you inside!